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Our network of bathroom remodeling professionals assist you with all of your shower and bathtub installation requirements, no matter where you are located in Fort Smith.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh new design or an extensive refurbishment, our team of experienced specialists is here to ensure that the work that we do for you is of the highest quality.

Our team provides local quotes and satisfaction on all projects we do. Our contractors are up-to-date on the most recent innovations in technology and building materials and knowledge that the remodeled bathroom they create for you will retain its elegance and sturdiness for many years.

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All You Need to Know About Shower and Bathtub Installation

Replacing an old shower or bathtub or installing a new one is generally a straightforward process. Depending on the type of material used and the size of your space, you may need to make some preparations before getting started. Most showers and bathtubs can be installed in as little as two days.

Your options range from acrylic tubs and showers that fit into pre-fabricated enclosures to large freestanding units that require precise custom measurements. Some materials, such as natural stone, require careful installation due to their weight and fragility.

Proper installation is essential for safety and water efficiency, regardless of your choice. If your plumbing needs to be upgraded, you may need the assistance of our qualified remodeling team. So, if it’s time to replace or install a new shower or bathtub, call us!

Regardless of your chosen installation project, some essential steps should always be taken. For example, turning off all water valves leading into the area where the new fixture will be installed before any work begins is necessary.

Additionally, our experts will take measurements of the space and the materials used for proper fitment. They apply an adhesive sealant along the edges and corners for extra protection against leaks.

Finally, when connecting the plumbing, our team uses approved fixtures and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Doing so will help ensure that your new shower or bathtub is installed correctly.

New bathtub remodel with built-in fireplace.

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Installing a Walk-In Shower

Planning a bathroom remodel is an exciting undertaking, and one of the most popular features to include in these renovations is a walk-in shower. Installing a walk-in shower will add convenience and style to your space. If you live in Fort Smith, AR, our reliable bathroom remodeling contractors can bring your vision to life.

When searching for bathroom remodeling contractors, Fort Smith residents should look for experienced professionals. Feel free to ask questions about our experience installing walk-in showers and get references from past clients. Our contractors have the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage for a successful installation.

The cost of installing a walk-in shower varies depending on the size and materials used, so getting an accurate estimate before beginning the project is essential. With the help of our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors in Fort Smith, AR, you can create the perfect walk-in shower to align with your needs and budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact our bathroom remodeling contractors in Fort Smith if you’re ready to start planning your dream walk-in shower. Our experienced professionals can help ensure that all your expectations are met and turn your bathroom into something extraordinary. Get started today!

Bathtub Replacements

Is it time for a bathtub replacement in your Fort Smith home? Our bathroom renovation professionals in Fort Smith, Arkansas, can assist you in switching out your dated and worn-out tub with one that is contemporary and attractive.

There are a wide variety of alternatives available for you to select from, whether you want an opulent soaking tub reminiscent of a high-end spa or an easily navigable walk-in shower.

Hiring a qualified contractor will allow you to realize your vision of the ideal bathroom paradise while staying within your financial constraints. Give Fort Smith Remodeling Experts the opportunity to assist you in transforming your bathroom into a place that satisfies all your requirements.

Tub-to-Shower Bathroom Conversion

Are you looking for contractors who specialize in bathroom remodeling in the Fort Smith area? Our network specializes in converting bathtubs into showers along with other bathroom renovation services, and make it their job to provide you with the bathroom of your dreams.

Thanks to our professional and knowledgeable team of specialists, we can change your antiquated bathtub into a contemporary shower that looks amazing and has a high level of functionality.

Our team has the expertise and understanding required to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product, regardless of whether you are looking for a straightforward conversion or something more complex. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to learn more about what our bathroom remodeling experts can do for you.

Grab Bars, Caddies and Other Accessibility Features

Bathroom remodeling professionals in Fort Smith, AR, can assist in making a bathroom more accessible to those using wheelchairs or walkers. People who have trouble moving around may find it simpler and safer to use the restroom if grab bars, caddies, and other aids are installed in the space.

When building a bathroom that is accessible to people with disabilities, bathroom remodeling contractors consider a variety of factors, including the height of the toilet and the ease of access to the shower.

You can be sure that your bathroom is fitted with all the components essential for accessibility if you enlist the assistance of our skilled specialists. Get in touch with our bathroom remodeling contractors in Fort Smith right away to make your space accessible to everybody.

Let Us Remodel Your Bathroom

Are you ready for a bathroom makeover? Our professionals specializing in bathroom renovation in Fort Smith are the most qualified candidates for the role. Our network of bathroom remodeling professionals provide a variety of high-quality services to make your bathroom look more contemporary and welcoming.

Our professionals can assist you through each stage of your bathroom remodel, whether you want to update the fixtures or redo the space entirely. In addition, we will be able to walk you through the maze of paperwork and permissions that may be required for more significant tasks.

Your new bathroom will leave a lasting impression on anybody who uses it since it was designed and installed by skilled specialists who oversaw the entire project from beginning to end. Call us to get started today!